New opportunities in the era of internet economy

In the early stages of every innovation era, many problems will be highlighted. During the 15 years of development of the Internet in China, people's life and work habits have undergone earth-shaking changes.

Recently, Ant Financial was interviewed and suspended from listing. There have been comments on the monopoly of wealth between Alibaba and Internet giants on the Internet, and some people even refuted Ma's approach.

The Internet economy is the inevitable result of social development. We must face this law of social development objectively. Otherwise, our traditional economy and closed social system will be surpassed by other countries. Then, face this In the real world, what should our country, enterprises and people do to usher in better sustainable development?

First of all, as a characteristic socialist country, it is necessary to formulate a people-oriented economic development system based on the core values ​​of socialism, instead of being monopolized by oligopoly in wealth like a capitalist society, or even by foreign capitalists due to the policy of opening to the outside world To plunder too much wealth, the country must have a certain bottom line of wealth control, especially when it comes to financial issues. Otherwise, our entities will be defeated by financial games no matter how well they develop, and the gap between the rich and the poor will be even greater for the people, and the entities will also Because of various factors, there will be deaths and injuries.

According to the analysis of the comprehensive system theory created by me, the security plan of the national system must be to formulate relevant economic management regulations at a certain stage of development to integrate monopolistic enterprises into the national interest system, such as the Internet financial industry , Land resources, mineral resources, electricity, water resources, transportation, education, medical care, civil affairs, infrastructure, scientific research, history and culture, geographic survey, military, aviation, biochemistry, film and television, media and other fields must be directly monitored and participated by the state In terms of economic development, China should vigorously develop private enterprises' innovation and entrepreneurship in light of the current situation, and encourage large-scale social commercial organizations to support small and medium-sized enterprises to get out of trouble and go abroad.

National wealth is the crystallization of the common development of the people’s labor, rather than being monopolized by some private wealth oligarchs. The improvement of the social system will narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, so the establishment of a sound national wealth system is the current state A necessary issue of wealth security. It is time for the socialist country with Chinese characteristics to become a country under the systematic management of the "planned market economy".

Under the planned system management system, regional economic development planning proposals are extremely important, related to the research, development and market circulation of local economic entities, rather than blindly eliminating and canceling private individual enterprises The state should promote the intensification of business associations, business incubation, financial guarantees, and market protection. Proposals for regional development planning should also urge various units to do and what should not be done, rectify or clean up projects that are counterfeit, eliminated, harm physical and mental health, and destroy the ecological environment, and at the same time, scientific and technological innovation, efficiency improvement, and employment promotion , Provide incentives and subsidies to enterprises that help disadvantaged groups.

With a systematic development system, civil forces will be active, complaints will be reduced, the labor force will be used in practice, entrepreneurs will be more motivated, and productivity will be stronger. With the enhancement of productivity and the clear production factors, the overall benefits will be greatly improved. Workers want a stable company, and companies need a strong team. Having a targeted, high-quality and stable team, an active atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship, huge wealth endorsement, and broad market prospects are the basic conditions for corporate profitability.

Therefore, from the emergence of a series of problems in the Internet economy, new development opportunities involving every worker are coming!

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