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Wealth should not be concentrated in the hands of a few people, there must be people who are wronged under struggle, and no one wants to be the one who is killed.

In 2019, social e-commerce became popular all over the country, especially the market value of Pinduoduo once surpassed the e-commerce giant.

In 2020, social group buying and community business will suddenly become the hot cakes of the capital circle, and major capitals have invested money in bidding.

Is this the last line of defense for traditional businesses? I don’t know.

But the author sees that in the second half of 2020, Pinduoduo, Meituan, ByteDance, and Alibaba began to sink channels to the community to fight "buy food B2C". They are under the banner of helping the poor and helping farmers. In fact, it is the first step to kill the maternal and child stores by saying that they have to work hard and tired of selling vegetables, and then madly post money to the community maternal and child stores to grab business traffic.

It is said that fresh food e-commerce is the most tragic outlet of the Internet in China. In my opinion, mothers and babies who do not think about change and sit on the well The shop is the first puppet to be "unloaded and killed" after 2020.

Why is it so heavy? Let me talk about it slowly.

In June 2020, Didi established the "Orange Heart Optimal" Fresh Food Business Unit in the community, allowing community consumers to place orders online, deliver offline or pick up points In July, Tongcheng Life merged with Linlinyi convenience store to set up self-pickup points for grocery shopping to realize O2O delivery; at the end of July, Meituan established a priority business department, entered the community group purchase, and deployed baby elephant fresh food and direct sales" Meituan Shopping" and community group buying are three major fresh food businesses; In mid-November, Bytedance started to dig people with high salaries and set up “Today’s Food" to march into community group buying, starting from central Shandong; in December, Pinduoduo launched “Dodo "Buying food", in addition to O2O delivery, also specializes in cooperation with community maternal and child stores. Without paying a penny from the store, as long as a small area is set aside as a self-pickup point in the warehouse, you can get a high commission of 20 points per order.

Many community maternity and baby shops have begun to test the water to join.

So, the super giants represented by Alibaba, JD.com, Meituan and Tencent began to cover big store experience, small store pick-up, pre-warehouse stocking, community group buying and enjoy low-cost all-round community business The format has begun close-to-hand combat, competing to seize the community highlands.

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According to a maternal and child shop in Jinhua, Zhejiang: I came to negotiate with us on three different platforms a day, first Jingdong, then the same journey, and immediately came Pinduoduo, and every wave of people came to give profits. The point is getting higher and higher, as if sending money, it makes us stunned.

There will be no conspiracy, right?

Yes, this is a conspiracy, it is not a conspiracy.

Behind mutual confrontation, mutual encroachment, and radical strategic expansion, there must be anxiety.

Many maternal and child stores have seen a net profit commission of more than 20 points without having to spend any costs. They are very complacent, but in fact, you have already "shocked into the mouth".

Start with grocery shopping, endorse the trust of consumers in maternity and baby stores, and guide traffic for their online platforms. Once the traffic reaches a certain scale, they start to expand SKUs, from fresh to comprehensive Department stores will then go to milk powder, diapers and nutrition products. If this continues, it will not take a year for the products in the mother and baby store to cover the entire line.

At that time, did consumers still need to buy in your store?

Once online consumption habits are formed, the maternity and infant store is a display. The e-commerce giants can "abandon" you at any time, because your trust traffic has been transferred, and they can spend the least cost Open a self-promotion experience store next door to make it the "Pharaoh" next door to you.

Many shopkeepers will say that it’s unlikely. E-commerce giants can open experience stores now and compete with existing stores. Why should they post money to us?

Fresh food is a supply chain business, e-commerce platform is a traffic business, and fresh food e-commerce is a cost control business.

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At present, the development stage of fresh food e-commerce has not really reached the stage of competing with the supply chain, and it is still in the stage of grabbing traffic for data.

Traffic cost, or user acquisition cost, still occupies a relatively high proportion of the entire link.

Therefore, fresh food e-commerce companies deeply know that ready-made community stores have accumulated customer relationship for many years. This part of the naturally well-preserved private domain traffic is in the hands of the mother and baby store owner. If you directly E-commerce giants may not have the upper hand when opening a store to fight.

Last year, Suning opened 20,000 Suning shops across the country, and JD.com spent several hundred million to build a maternal and child experience center?

What was the result?

Continuously closing stores, losing out, and unable to integrate into the community business.

Because community stores have natural barriers.

Then many people will ask: Why is Prosperity Optimal Success? The valuation can reach 70 billion?

Because Prosperity Optimal started its business by relying on the supply chain and locked in community group purchases, it is very clear that in the entire fresh food industry chain, with a flow advantage, it will form a competitive advantage in cost control.

So Xingsheng Optimal can take advantage of the number of convenience stores that Furong Xingsheng has joined to help online customer acquisition and fresh food distribution with lower offline traffic costs.

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Yes, it also relies on physical store traffic.

Therefore, Pinduoduo, JD.com, ByteDance, Tongcheng, etc. also hope to use the flow advantages of existing maternal and child stores to divert the grocery shopping business. This is the "wolf ambition" of platform thinking.

Speaking of this level, many store owners will still seem to understand, it does not matter, I will give you a case, this is the usual method of e-commerce platforms, it applies all business rules.

Presumably the well-known Didi Dache, officially launched in September 2012, with the idea and solution of "developing incremental markets" The livelihood problem of "the number of taxis and taxi drivers in the market is insufficient" to cut the market cake (this is the same as Pinduoduo's promotion of "Buy Duoduo" to help the poor and help farmers, solve the problem of agricultural production and circulation).

In the beginning, Didi worked with taxi drivers to download platform software and use large subsidies to attract taxi drivers to the platform to serve travel users.

At this step, Didi thinks very clearly that it must first ensure the ample supply on the supply side before there is traffic on the consumer side.

At the same time, Didi is also developing private car travel at the same time, using large subsidies to allow private cars to participate in the supply-side traffic, which is the "express" and "online car-hailing" that came out later. A traffic pool, competition in multiple formats will inevitably attract more traffic.

Neither of these two measures is surprising. Its best method is to subsidize travel users with cash red envelopes. First, a ten yuan subsidy is used to deduct the fare. In order to cultivate users’ habit of using taxi-hailing software, including the launch of the first order One cent, red envelope subsidies, festive red envelopes, discount red envelopes and other activities have been subsidized more than one billion yuan.

Finally, the consumption habits of travel users are formed, and the taxi becomes passive. Every month, the driver has to pay the taxi company a fixed rental fee, but also accept various rewards and punishments from the Didi platform. According to the rules, if the service is not in place, it is possible to lose money.

In the Battle of Thousands of Fights, when Didi Killing Road became the sole leader, taxis were already "inflicted": the squeeze from private cars and consumers’ taxi habits. If taxi drivers choose Without taxi-hailing software, you can only drive "empty cars" on the road, because consumers will no longer block cars on the road, and you have already lost consumer traffic.

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Isn’t yesterday’s taxi the same as today’s maternity shop?

The small shop economy that survives under a regulated business format suddenly breaks into a new species "grocery platform" that gives you a lot of subsidies, and at the same time is eating up your private domain traffic with a lot of subsidies group.

Are you tempted by immediate benefits, or are you choosing to "self-reliance" and stick to your flow without letting go?

Many people will say: This year's business is too difficult to do, the concubines can't do it!

But think about it, in the rugged 2020, some maternity stores are vulnerable to the impact of the epidemic, and some maternity stores are still booming amid changes.

Even if there is vacillation, you will want to find the way, but after all your thoughts, your "customers" can't be lost. This is your own "iron rice bowl". Don't become the "taxi" of tomorrow!

There are countless individual economies in the great world, and they are inseparable from each other. There are tens of thousands of ordinary businessmen in China.

As a business ferryman, we can’t catch up with the wind and dance with the wind, but we can keep our “one-acre three-quarters of land", don’t think about committing yourself to the giants to do business, if you lose Value, the overall situation will only "offload the mill to kill the donkey."

Wealth should not be concentrated in the hands of a few people, there must be people who are wronged under the fight, and no one wants to be the one to be killed.

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