Open your eyes to see e-commerce agency operations

With the development of the Internet, more and more informal e-commerce companies are flocking to them. They use various slogans to confuse the novices who open business with high profits. Although they are a company. But their company has so many customers that they won't take everyone into consideration. So they started cutting leeks.

I will tell you about the deceived friends around me. When they first opened a store, they had worked so hard to add new things, because they were e-commerce little white shops without any traffic at all. Let’s not say that there is an order. So they will become very anxious. At this time, the so-called e-commerce agency operation companies will let their own small white shops with no traffic and no orders start to start. They just use our eager desire to let the shops do Get up, let the shop have traffic and orders in the heart, the trustees of the operating company at the beginning. They first look for a product in your store. Then ask what courier the product is sent to, and when will it be shipped? Questions like this. Then after you answered, she started to say that I also opened a shop on a certain treasure, a certain Dong, and a certain Duoduo. Then he said: "I will add new items from your home in my shop, and then I will have an order directly at your home." In fact, this is their usual routine. Then they will immediately say: "Can we add WeChat? So that you have new products you can send me directly, and then I will add new things from your home." After you add his WeChat, their performance Just begun. Then they will contact us proactively. How about the store? Are there many orders in the store? I'm doing certain things, certain treasures. Then I send you orders from their store, and there are hundreds of orders every day. Then they attracted us through their more orders.

After a series of chats, the show started immediately. They said that I was doing a certain treasure, a certain amount of It didn't work for a long time, and the store had no traffic at all. Then through a friend's introduction, they recommended to me a Shenzhen Leduo Trading Co., Ltd. for multiple generations of operation. Then I started the shop in a month. Then they asked us to find this operating company in this way. When you open the effect when you have paid the deposit, these agency operating companies will use the software to scan the fake traffic, and the order will make you believe that their company can do it for our store. In fact, this is all their routine. After you pay the balance. Then they start to ignore you, and after a month there is no change in the shop, by then they understand that they have been cheated. When you go ask them for a refund. They would fool around every time and say: "Each store is built step by step. Now there is no traffic in the store at the beginning." But what I want to say is that the store has not changed in that month, where is the traffic unstable?

Then when you asked them for a refund, they refused to shirk for various reasons. (Remind everyone: they said that if the deposit is not effective, a refund will be provided. Don't believe it. This is their routine) Maizi will talk about this for everyone today. I will tell you all about the routines and the experience of being deceived. You can pay attention to Maizi, so that you can see the inside story behind the operation.

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