Two-way empowerment for a win-win future: JD Health joins hands with Zhihe Media to help 200,000 merchants with dual engines

Recently, Li Chunxia, ​​Chairman of Zhihe Media, and Li Xinhang, CEO of Zhihe Media, visited the headquarters of, Zhou Xinyuan, general manager of JD Health Innovation Division and head of Pharmaceutical Jingcai, Guan Wenbo, head of Jingxing Project, and alliance pharmacy, saas The person in charge of the sector gave a warm reception, and the two sides conducted business docking to deepen cooperation.

Last week, Xinyuan first welcomed the visit of the leaders of Zhihe Media. He pointed out that as the youngest unicorn in the world, Health’s products and services have initially achieved coverage of the entire pharmaceutical industry chain, the entire medical process, the entire health scene, and the entire life cycle of users, building a complete “Internet" in the industry. "Medical and health" ecology. JD Health has successfully created core products and sub-brands such as JD Pharmacy, Yaojingcai, and JD Internet Hospital. Among them, the third-party drug wholesale trading platform Yaojingcai has maintained rapid growth since its launch. So far, it has covered 19 provincial-level administrative regions and 47 cities across the country, with more than 200,000 downstream purchasing merchants, making it the largest third party in China. One of the pharmaceutical wholesale platforms. On the basis of the drug Jingcai brand, JD Health has proposed a preferred and upgraded SaaS service and alliance pharmacy brand in 2020. In order to speed up the improvement and development of the service system, it is hoped that Zhihe Media can provide more diversified and high-quality services for JD Health's channels.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s report, in terms of revenue in 2019, JD Health is China’s largest online healthcare platform and the largest Online retail pharmacy. As of June 30, 2020, more than 150 million users have used JD Health's platform to purchase medicine and health products or medical and health services. JD Health is committed to building a digital-driven health management platform that takes the supply of medicine and health products as the core, medical services as the starting point, and the entire life cycle of users. JD Health redefines the way users manage personal health by establishing an end-to-end, omni-channel system of medical and health products and services.

Guan Wenbo pointed out that Zhihe Media has been deeply involved in the field of health and is a leading content communication technology company in China. It has first-class content output capabilities and live broadcast technology resource integration capabilities, and can provide integrated customized advertising for JD Health Marketing services; through the integration of JD Health's superior resources, the local industry empowerment of the Jingxing Plan, and Zhihe Media, a strong alliance, to jointly build a comprehensive partnership, promote the cooperation of various health business sectors, and jointly promote the innovative development of the general health field.

Li Xinhang introduced that Zhihe Media has been focusing on content dissemination business. The company serves many large healthy enterprises and brands with advanced Internet information technology, digital marketing, brand operation, content production, e-commerce live broadcast, etc., and is well received by customers Widely acclaimed.

Li Chunxia said that for a long time, both parties have focused on deepening the field of health. The tacit consensus on the prospect of great health also makes us full of confidence in this cooperation. We hope that both parties can give full play to their unique advantages, empower each other, and create a healthy future.

While Zhou Xinyuan introduced the latest business situation of Beijing Pharmaceutical, Alliance Pharmacy and Saas in detail, the two parties conducted comprehensive communication on the layout of cooperation in the health field , Further clarified the details of cooperation.

The person in charge of smart device R&D introduced and experienced JD Health’s new generation of smart devices to the Zhihe team, and synchronized JD Internet Hospital to analyze body data And Internet health solutions.

Next, JD Health and Zhihe Media will promote the content promotion and live broadcast standardization of Yaojingcai, the integrated content promotion and investment promotion of the SaaS platform, the content output of alliance pharmacies and the construction of standardization system. Exhibition and supply chain services, local industry support and social welfare activities, smart device market promotion and investment promotion, etc. started cooperation, and started to build a JD health live broadcast system simultaneously. Both parties will gain greater growth on the healthy high-speed track space.