Those things about Double Eleven Express

This year's Double Eleven

It can be said to be very lively

The express delivery volume is close to the whole year of 2010

Like many friends, pay the full payment

Besides waiting anxiously, when will the shipment be shipped

The double eleven express law also emerged in my mind

What express had a car accident?

The express was burned by fire

The express was caught on the conveyor belt< /p>

Finally, under the supervision of more than 10 million "cloud supervisors", the express delivery has gone through thousands of miles and thousands of rivers and arrived safely

Happily used eighteen martial arts

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But when I got the express, I was caught by the courier...

My mother picks up all the couriers in our family. Before this, the courier also called to ask who is mine to sign xx

The double eleven express delivery is almost always out of stock. There is a message that the express delivery has been signed by the sign-off point, and I immediately notify my mother to pick it up


There was a courier but I didn’t receive it for two consecutive days. On the third day, I asked my mom how the courier was. My mother said that it hasn’t arrived yet. You always get those fake ones. You can tell me when you are sure, Otherwise, I’ll be scolded for running around.

Then I knew for the first time that our courier was so "powerful"

So, when I clicked to confirm receipt, I complained about express delivery for the first time in my life.

The next day, the after-sales call came. There are several in a row, saying that sending a courier will make a few cents. If I don’t cancel it, the TA will be fined 500 quickly. This month’s work is not worth it. Ask me to cancel

borrow Therefore, I think I can read more about what Yang Mi said. No one in this world lives easily, and everyone is living a difficult life.

You let me be considerate of you, and forgive you, then who will be considerate of me, earn money hard, stay up late and be fast, and even eat dirt in the next month of life and chop off the things you buy. It depends on your face

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Although in the end I still complained of integrity and spent a dime on the SMS fee to help you cancel it


I still want to say

I hope that friends in the service industry will stop ethically kidnapping under the name of "vulnerable group". Every line of work is difficult. , The difficulty in the world is not only you. Be considerate of each other and do your own job!

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