Must-see | 6-week countdown, detailed explanations of Amazon sellers' advice on preparing for Brexit

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1/Brexit seller's guide (⭐⭐⭐Very important)

2/New UK product or labeling regulations (replace the original CE mark)

Previously, we have explained the impact on sellers and the actions that need to be taken after Brexit. I believe many sellers It has already taken action, and while preparing for the peak season, it is also gradually adjusting its European business to prepare for sales in the UK and EU countries next year.

With the final 6 weeks of the establishment of the new customs border between the United Kingdom and the European Union, we have summarized the following Preparation List for everyone to check according to their own business conditions.

Guide for Brexit sellers

( ⭐⭐⭐ is very important)

Although negotiations between the UK and the EU are still ongoing (including the determination of specific tariffs applicable under different circumstances), from January 1, 2021, there will be an additional customs border between the UK and the EU. The following changes will take place in the way Amazon operates across the new customs border between the UK and the EU:

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Sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to sell in Europe need to pay attention :

December 18th (Friday): The FBA Europe Integration Service (Pan-EU) inventory transfer/transit between the UK and the EU will stop.

From now on, you need to send your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers in the UK and the European Union to ensure that you have the right amount of inventory on both sides of the new customs border. The Pan-EU stocks stored in the EU before December 18 (Friday) will continue to be used to deliver EU orders, and the Pan-EU stocks in the UK will continue to be used to deliver UK orders. The Pan-EU stock transfer and allocation within the EU will continue as usual.

December 21 (Monday): Cross-border logistics and distribution through the European Distribution Network (EFN) and Pan-EU will begin to gradually decrease until December 28 (Monday) Will all stop.

To maintain sales in Europe, you need to ship products to Amazon fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Pan-EU function update: Sellers can flexibly choose the inventory storage country, and save the trouble of manual registration. Sellers who meet the conditions will automatically join Pan-EU.

Attention! The top priority for FBA sellers-combined with inventory split recommendations, maintain an appropriate amount of inventory in the UK and EU countries/regions, and manage them separately.

In order to ensure that FBA sellers’ business in the UK and EU countries/regions is not affected, it is recommended that sellers maintain appropriate inventory in the UK and EU countries/regions according to their own sales. When you create a shipment again and send it to Europe, it is recommended to open multi-country inventory and place it in the UK and EU countries/regions at the same time.

For the "recommendations on the stock split for Brexit", you can find the corresponding link on the "Brexit Help Page". Please click this WeChat article to view the details: The 10th week to Brexit, and the EU FBA stock transfer will stop!

Since you need to enter the UK and EU countries at the same time, you have VAT declaration obligations in both the UK and EU countries/regions. Please make sure you have the UK and VAT and EORI numbers for EU countries/regions.

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Sellers who sell in Europe through seller self-fulfillment (MFN) need to pay attention to:

▼Seller self-fulfillment orders (if the seller uses a third-party carrier) Can continue to deliver across the border between the UK and the EU. You need to ensure that all duties and taxes are paid before delivery to the buyer. It is recommended that you contact your carrier to confirm how they can help you transport goods across the UK and EU borders starting from January 1, 2021, including special circumstances such as returns.

▼Seller self-delivery orders (such as delivery of goods from outside the UK to UK buyers, etc.) will be affected by changes in UK e-commerce VAT regulations. Please make sure that your information on the Amazon platform is correct, and check that the prices of goods posted on all sites in Europe include VAT.

For more details, please refer to: Changes to UK e-commerce VAT regulations.

For more details, please log in to the Seller Central Europe site and refer to the Brexit help page: /brexit (Search for "Brexit" on the seller's platform)

New British product or labeling regulations (replace the original CE mark)

The British government announced that it will establish a British conformity marking system (UK Conformity Assessed, referred to as UKCA), from January 1, 2021, the system replaces the European common system CE marking. To put it simply, it is to be sold in the UK, to comply with the requirements of the UKCA system, and the product must use the UKCA logo. The CE mark will only be applicable to the European Union from January 1, 2021.

Existing inventory will not be affected by the system. But if your product meets all the descriptions below, then you need to use the UKCA mark immediately after January 1, 2021:

▸ Subject to regulations requiring the use of the UKCA mark

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▸ Compulsory third-party conformity assessment is required

▸ The body provided by the conformity assessment (Notified Body) is implemented by the EU conformity assessment body, and you have not passed your qualified assessment before January 1, 2021. The assessment document is transferred from your EU institution to an institution recognized by the UK

▸ Those who did not arrive in the UK before January 1, 2021

For more details, please visit the UK government website View:

I believe that after reading the above content, many sellers may still not understand the impact of the system on them and what actions need to be taken to prepare. Here are a few simple questions and answers to help you further understand:


After Brexit, can the CE mark and certification continue to be used in the UK? ?


The UK government website clearly lists 17 products that comply with both EU and UK regulations and can be enjoyed until January 1, 2022 One year transition period. During the transition period, these 17 products can continue to be sold in the UK with the CE mark. Products other than this list will need to use the UKCA logo to be sold in the UK after January 1, 2021. After January 1, 2022, these 17 products cannot continue to be sold in the UK if they only have the CE mark. They need to obtain the relevant product evaluation and certificate from UKCA before they can continue to sell.

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For details, please refer to the UK government website: 2021#legislation


When can the existing EU Compliance Officer (RsP) be used in the UK?


December 31, 2020. If the previous RsP was not incorporated in the UK, you need to appoint a compliance officer in the UK (in addition to the above 17 transitional products). In other words, products placed in EU countries/regions need to have the CE mark and an EU compliance officer. If they are sold to the UK at the same time, they need to have the UKCA mark and the UK compliance officer. The seller must confirm with the existing service organization the application status and update service of the organization in the UK.


How to calculate the time when the product arrives in the UK?


For the United Kingdom, the effective date of the UKCA mark is January 1, 2021. Before this date, commodities that have entered or are in transit will not be affected by this system. Proof of transit includes orders, invoices, logistics, etc. In addition to the above-mentioned 17 transitional products, products arriving after January 1, 2021 must have the UKCA mark and the UK compliance officer. It is recommended that you prepare in advance based on your own business situation.


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Do sellers need to make a UK-specific Declaration of Compliance (DoC)?


The seller needs to make a new UK declaration of conformity (UK declaration of conformity, referred to as UK DoC). The information required for the UK compliance statement is roughly the same as that required by the current EU compliance statement (the specific product may be slightly different due to different application regulations).

For details, please refer to

In addition, sellers need to pay special attention to the following products that originally have different compliance requirements in the UK and the EU:

▸ Chemicals

▸ Pharmaceuticals


▸ Automobile and auto parts

▸ Aerospace and aerospace parts

▸ Medical equipment

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▸ Railway operation equipment

▸ Construction products

▸ Explosive products

▸ Medicines

Chinese sellers ask more about energy-related product (ErP), please refer to the UK The government website, which has very detailed instructions:

About the CE mark and the European Union The person in charge of compliance, click the link to refer to the WeChat article: Amazon can also be the person in charge of the European Union, and the new CE regulations have new countermeasures!

For the Brexit-related topics, there are still many uncertainties. For example, if sellers need to transport goods across the new customs border between the UK and the EU, how should customs duties and import value-added tax be collected? Will current inventory limits and inventory performance change? Wait, Amazon is aware of the impact of these uncertainties on sellers’ businesses in Europe. If there is further guidance, we will notify you as soon as possible.

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