How big is the role of social e-commerce in helping farmers? 10 hours sales over one million

"E-commerce helps farmers, there is a lot to be done."

A sonorous and vocal expectation makes e-commerce The supporting role of the industrial upgrading of assisting and prospering agriculture has once again attracted the attention of the world.

Compared with traditional e-commerce platforms, as a social e-commerce platform that has been rooted in the agricultural area for a long time, such as Pinduoduo, Zebra Member, Fenxiang, and Beidian , Shunlian Power, etc., have made irreplaceable contributions to promoting the upward trend of agricultural products and the e-commerce iteration of the agricultural industry model.

"As the demographic dividend of China’s Internet industry gradually Disappeared, the cost of e-commerce customers has risen significantly, and the low-end market has attracted more and more attention from e-commerce companies. Consumers have a large demand for low-priced products. At the same time, consumption polarization and mass entrepreneurship and employment demand promote the steady development of the social e-commerce industry. "Previously, Yu Lijuan, secretary-general of the Micro Business Working Group of the Internet Society of China, said.

In 2019, the network sales of agricultural products in more than 800 impoverished counties across the country reached 19.08 billion yuan. Most e-commerce platforms, especially social e-commerce platforms, have launched assistance programs to help agriculture achieve digitalization and accelerate the upward trend of agricultural products through discount sales, live broadcasts, and industrial support.

New farmersNew business opportunities

In the traditional agricultural product sales model, agricultural products need to pass through multi-level wholesalers and retail terminals before they can finally reach consumers. This invisibly increases the cost of agricultural product sales, and ultimately leaves little profit to farmers .

In recent years, with the rise of e-commerce and the birth of social e-commerce, the intermediate circulation links of agricultural products have been directly reduced, and the circulation and consumption costs of agricultural products have been reduced. The upward trend of agricultural products has brought new business opportunities.

Pinduoduo’s "Caring for Farmers" shopping area,, Suning and Taobao's "Jingxi Helping Farmers" venue, "Purchasing for Farmers" channel and " The channel of “Food to Help Farmers" and the “China Field" section of Zebra members continue to “bless" agricultural products on the rise.

Aiming at the objective state of the agricultural market, Pinduoduo gave a concise and effective answer to the e-commerce business, that is, expanding the market and making explosive products.

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Since 2020, more than one hundred mayors and county heads from all over the country have entered the Pingduoduo help farming live broadcast room. As of the end of last year, the transaction volume of agricultural products on Pinduoduo reached 37.26 billion yuan.

In order to effectively solve Gansu Province The problem of difficult agricultural and sideline product sales, social e-commerce Fenxiang through the use of JD’s supply chain and WeChat ecology as the basis, using e-commerce live broadcast, social sharing and other core methods, 10 hours to help sell nearly 400,000 jin of Gansu Tianshui Huaniu apple The amount is over one million yuan.

New Countryside New Model

my country has a vast territory, and some areas have With weak commercial ability and low standardization of agricultural products, there are many "thresholds" in the actual operation of agricultural products and rural e-commerce.

In traditional e-commerce scenarios, the passivity of search limits the timeliness and sustainability of agricultural product sales. At the same time, the low profit of agricultural products also makes them unable to adapt to the flow of entry.

How to establish a circulation link of agricultural products in the Internet age, fully guarantee the docking of production and marketing, and enable farmers’ products to effectively reach consumers, which has become a challenge for social e-commerce to help farmers.

Compared with the traditional e-commerce operation model, social e-commerce is mainly based on social relationships for communication. This kind of "pull new" method has lower cost, and it is more costly for the platform and The threshold for merchants is relatively low.

Take Zebra’s “China Field" as an example to help farmers: Ningling County, Henan Province, is a key county for poverty alleviation in the Dabie Mountain area. Rich in Jinding Xiehua crisp pears, the planting and processing related to crisp pears is the strategic focus of Ningling's industrial poverty alleviation. As the Spring Festival approached in early 2019, the pear paste produced by the National Poverty Alleviation Workshop in Sunqian Village, Ningling County was slow to sell, and more than 200 poor households were facing the dilemma of losing their money.

The "China Field" team finally released Ningling Pear Paste by waiving online promotion fees, giving high-quality resources, and placing multi-frequency marketing materials in the community. More than 6,000 orders were sold within 48 hours, with sales of 124,000 yuan. While helping 17 poverty-stricken people in Ningling County to increase their income and generate income, the “China Field" team also started with theories of store design, product launching, content operation, and traffic acquisition, and carried out a series of electronic programs for the Ningling poverty alleviation workshop. Business training, and continuously strengthen the farmers’ ability to “self-produce blood".

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On September 6, 2020, at the China E-Commerce Conference E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Forum hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the "China Field" team received Invited to take "Ningling Poverty Alleviation Workshop E-commerce Transformation" as a case to share the experience of e-commerce in helping farmers with on-site government departments, experts and scholars.

During the epidemic, with the support of social e-commerce, China’s scattered agricultural areas and urban consumer groups have been able to accurately match the needs of consumers, allowing "small farmers" to truly connect "Big market".

2020 is about to pass. In 2021, social e-commerce will help farmers and there is still much to be done.

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