Black Friday is approaching, how will the logistics services of Saudi e-commerce change?

In Moton’s earlier article on Saudi e-commerce logistics, we can see that the emergence of the epidemic has greatly promoted the development of Saudi e-commerce and e-commerce logistics. At the same time, there are also many chaos in Saudi e-commerce logistics, such as There are also quite a few e-commerce logistics companies that have not obtained relevant licenses granted by the government, and there are also many loopholes in their ranking and evaluation of e-commerce logistics in the second quarter.

The Saudi Communication Technology Commission CITC also recently released the third quarter ranking and evaluation report of Saudi e-commerce logistics. The following content comes from part of the evaluation report. Friends who understand Arabic can also leave a message in the background to request the report.

Compared with the second quarter, consumer complaints about e-commerce logistics dropped significantly, with only 17,734 cases. The complaints are mainly concentrated in the field of cross-border e-commerce logistics. In cases involving cross-border logistics, FedEx FedEx became the company with the most complaints, with 341 complaints per 100,000.

The logistics company SMSA Express, which received the most complaints in the second quarter, dropped sharply on the complaint list, with only 43 complaints per 100,000 orders. The service quality of Naqel and Aramex has also been greatly improved.

(the number of complaints per 100,000 orders in the third quarter of 2020 in international logistics)

And ESNAD and Zajil continued to maintain their advantages in the second quarter, becoming the two logistics players with the fewest complaints for two consecutive quarters. The Saudi Post, which was ignored in the last quarter, became the "biggest dark horse" this time. It may be that it was complained too many times in the second quarter.

(The number of complaints per 100,000 orders in domestic logistics in the third quarter of 2020)

There has been a significant improvement in Saudi domestic e-commerce logistics. Naqel, which received the most complaints in the second quarter (1597), had only 38 complaints in the third quarter. FedEx also successfully reduced the number of complaints from the “No. 1" complaint case in the last quarter. Of course, dates are still old and sweet. As a veteran logistics provider in Saudi Arabia, Aramex ranks second in both domestic and cross-border logistics complaints.


1. Whether it is domestic or international logistics, the total number of complaints has dropped. Saudi consumers are gradually adapting to the various problems brought about by the current e-commerce shopping ecology, and some logistics providers have also improved their service quality.

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2. The overall environment of e-commerce logistics in Saudi Arabia has improved. The quality of domestic e-commerce logistics services has improved significantly, and complaints have dropped significantly. However, the problems of cross-border logistics cannot be effectively solved for a while.

3. Saudi Post won the championship of the complaint list in one fell swoop. Saudi state-owned enterprises are obviously not as good as other players in their ability to observe and adapt to the market.

4. There is no large-scale promotion in the third quarter, so it is difficult for the situation of liquidation to occur. The Black Friday is coming, it is really hard to say whether the service in the fourth quarter will be as good.

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