All merchants in a city in 90 days will be transformed and upgraded! Unimaginable!

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Support-Digital Upgrade of Entity Business

As the former senior deputy of Alibaba President Ye Peng (Aotian), facing the changing domestic market situation in the future, guides new opportunities for offline retail companies.

【Walking with the wise】

1. Supporting Huili project with a sudden outbreak of background, offline "stopped" , 2020 seems to be a big test for enterprise digitization. For retail companies, the transition from offline to online to digitalization is a "breaking road" to break the traditional marketing model.

But a large part of retailers are still at the stage of "only knowing it but not knowing why". How do traditional retail companies carry out digital transformation? How to realize the digital operation of stores? Where is the breakthrough of digital transformation?

For retail companies, the ultimate goal of digital transformation is to find a breakthrough to reach users. Based on this, Zhihui Digital New Commerce helps offline retailers realize digital transformation through products and services.

2. Current status of offline businesses

3. Payment is the best starting point for digital upgrades

Support Hui digital integrated platform, subvert the past passive business model of stores, and use mobile payment The end is the entrance, allowing users to actively become members of the store after completing the payment action, and complete the conversion of the store's natural traffic from offline to online in one second, effectively reducing the cost of new businesses.

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Simply put, merchants can easily turn their customers into their own members through the payment path, without secondary communication and additional costs.

4. Why choose Zhihui?

The essential difference between Zhihui and other platforms

For physical store merchants, in addition to bearing the increasing labor and store costs, they also have to face traffic hijacking from major platforms . Once the cooperation with the platform is lifted, it means that a large wave of customer traffic has been lost, making it difficult to move on the road of offline operations.

Zhihui helps merchants accumulate customer data, master member data assets, create exclusive store data pools, and help merchants build their own private domain traffic pools through payment channels, thereby effectively realizing independent management and operation of members. Improved user retention rate.

As the saying goes, it is better to teach them to fish than to teach them to fish. The ability to operate private domain traffic is the most important but weakest ability of traditional businesses. At the same time, the Zhihui digital integrated platform can provide merchants with all-round support in multiple dimensions such as user operation, supply chain, and finance, and become a strong backing for merchants' continuous operation.

Support from the largest partner

The development prospects of the support digital platform are not only favored by the industry, but also recognized by large companies.

The most professional core team

Support the core members are from Alibaba, Huawei, and other companies , Has far-reaching trend insight in the retail and Internet industries, and has a relatively high influence in the Internet industry.

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Urban Partner Program

Support for urban partners of digital integrated platform, as the name implies, they are people who run a business together. To put it simply, the partners in the local city will develop and manage the local market together with the headquarters and enjoy the multiple benefits of the cooperative city area.

Partners enjoy multiple benefits

① Merchant expansion management revenue:

Take the integration of 1,000 merchants as an example, and each merchant has a monthly turnover of 100,000 yuan.

The annual income of this item = 100,000 yuan/month*1000 merchants*12 months*0.15% commission=1.8 million.

②Merchants online transaction commission income:

Assuming that only 500 of the 1,000 merchants integrated have online transactions at the same time in the early period, each merchant’s monthly online transaction turnover is 50,000 Yuan;

The income of this item = 50000 yuan/month*500 merchants*12 months*1% commission=3 million yuan.

③Recruitment of secondary agent income:

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City partners have the right to recruit district and county-level agents within the city signed by themselves.

④Advertising income:

The headquarters is responsible for negotiating advertisements, and the income belongs to the partners. Until the partners return the capital, the partners have the priority to return the capital.

⑤Reward Fund:

Every year, the headquarters will take out 10% of the project’s net income as dividends, and give it to outstanding partners in the form of reward funds.

We are now recruiting city partners from all over the country, 100% brand new blue ocean market, trillion-level market invites you to explore together!