What is the Taobao leader of the Taobao Alliance Merchants?

Hello everyone, today I will tell you what is the Taobao Alliance Investment Promotion Leader!

This year's e-commerce is another extraordinary year. This year's Internet e-commerce has launched a lot of projects, but why is Taobao leader able to stand out and be so popular? It is precisely because the Taobao leader is a new type of project under Alibaba. Ali will uniformly settle the salary on the 20th of each month. First of all, it is very relieved in terms of salary settlement.

So what is the model of Taobao leader?
The first is the relationship between the four characters: merchants-Taobao leader-Taobao guest-consumers. Let’s talk about merchants. At present, Taobao and Tmall’s merchants have exceeded 90 million. The competition is fierce. Merchants rely on the traffic on the site to promote their products. In addition to the natural traffic of consumers, they can only rely on opening. Through trains and through trains are more expensive for merchants. There is no real turnover, and the merchants have to pay for the through train. Therefore, Ali created the role of Taobao leader to help merchants promote with traffic outside the station.

Taobao leader only needs to reach three aspects of cooperation with the merchant. The first is the discount coupon for the product, and the second is the commission. , The third is the service fee. After the three aspects of cooperation are reached, we will give the promotion link to the merchant. After the merchant signs up, the link will automatically be transferred to the Taobao Alliance. At this time, the national Taoke will actively help Long-term promotion, including our private channels, will carry out an off-site traffic to promote. Only after the Taobao leader helps the merchant generate a real turnover, the merchant will give commission and service fees.

Tell me about the product coupon is a discount for consumers, Taobao leader earns service fees, and the commission is earned by Taobao customers If it is taken, the merchant gets the sales of a store and the sales ranking of the store.
Actually, being a team leader does not require much investment. The main profit is just a little bit of money, which is also a hard expense. If your investment exceeds what is said, beware of being cheated! ! Friends who want to know more about Taobao leader’s practices are welcome to follow me or send a private message to me 666 to send free information to everyone 1

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