On November 10, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued an announcement on the "Anti-Monopoly Guidelines in the Field of Platform Economy (Draft for Comment)" for public comments.

The State Administration of Market Supervision stated that the release of the draft for comments is for prevention And stop monopolistic behavior in the platform economy, guide operators in the platform economy to operate in compliance with laws and regulations, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the online economy.

As ​​soon as this anti-monopoly announcement came out, on the 10th, the share prices of Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent,, and Meituan plummeted, evaporating trillions of market value.

And the unlisted Internet platform companies such as Didi, although there is no stock price, they are trembling. influences.

Think about the Didi burning money war and subsidies Drivers and passengers, after defeating competitors and monopolizing the travel market, reduce subsidies, increase prices to harvest passengers, and high rake rates to harvest car owners.

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now Didi is complaining about drivers, passengers, and people. The reason is that it monopolizes the market. Passengers and drivers have no right to speak and are harvested.

In order to ensure the leading position of the platform, the platform uses travel points Drivers such as, word of mouth value, etc., require drivers not to take orders from multiple platforms. Once discovered, safety points will be deducted, thereby restricting drivers from taking orders on multiple platforms.

requires drivers to choose one more to avoid the flow of capacity to other platforms. At this time, people questioned whether it is in the monopoly capacity. Fair competition.

Because of its high market share, it monopolizes prices, frequently launches various low-priced products and businesses, and has The impact is great, and other platforms have to follow their prices, which brings a lot of pressure on small platforms to survive, and even affects the interests of drivers.

The state has always said that platform companies are Tolerance and prudence, this time the anti-monopoly law is launched, no longer mentioning tolerance and prudence, which means that it has entered a period of strong supervision.

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In the future, in the online car-hailing industry, the country is expected to Promote the platform to follow the compliance route, and at the same time protect the interests of small and medium-sized online car-hailing platforms, distribute resources relatively fairly, in exchange for a healthy ecological environment, which can be said to be a big benefit to online car-hailing drivers.

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