Has Ma Yun changed? An entrepreneur or a capitalist, how do you evaluate it?

Ma Yun has always been a controversial figure. The Alibaba and Ants he founded have indeed brought great changes to people’s lives. . The advent of the e-commerce era and the cashless era will definitely give Ma Yun a credit. But I don’t know since when Ma Yun seems to have changed. Dissatisfaction with Ma Yun is getting higher and higher, and more and more people complain about Ma Yun. How do you evaluate Ma Yun?

In fact, after Jack Ma retired, some of his actions and speeches were already incomprehensible. What Jack Ma said a long time ago, although it sounds bragging, can be considered positive, such as "let the world have no difficult business", "people still have to have dreams, what if they are realized?" "Wait, but now after hearing Jack Ma’s remarks, people’s minds are always full of question marks, as follows:

First: 996 is a blessing

At the beginning, 996's work model was proposed by Jack Ma. In Ma Yun's view, 996's work model is a kind of blessing for employees. Obviously, Ma Yun said it from the perspective of the boss. But as employees, when we hear this, don’t we think this is an unscrupulous boss?

It is understandable that young people must struggle and work hard. But under the guise of making young people work hard, the boss reduces work efficiency, works overtime without compensation, and consumes the health of employees. Is this really right? Do companies now have to follow suit? Efforts are important, but Jack Ma, are you sure that hard work will succeed? Can an employee become a boss with hard work?

Second: Isn’t Jack Ma who killed but not playing the game hard to escape "really fragrant"

A long time ago, Jack Ma once said such remarks about games ——Ali killed him and didn't play games. Obviously this sentence is aimed at its rival Tencent. At the beginning, Ma Yun thought that playing with things was disheartening and playing was a kind of existence that destroyed children. But now that the e-sports industry is rising rapidly, and the gap of e-sports talents has reached hundreds of thousands, isn't Jack Ma not tempted?

Ma Yun has changed. Ali, who was killed and did not play games, has now established a game business group. As a businessman, Jack Ma still cannot escape "True fragrance" law, as long as the project can make money, will not let go. But after all, the Internet has memories. What you have said will not be like chalk writing, and you will erase it when you erase it.

Third: Nonsense, causing trouble to the upper body

Although the suspension of listing of ants has nothing to do with Jack Ma on the surface, I am not sure if it is related to Before Ant's listing, Jack Ma's "nonsense" at the financial summit was related, and it was probably because of it.

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It is undeniable that Alipay is one of the best in the field of third-party payment, but this does not mean that ants can become the financial industry As the benchmark, Jack Ma directly complained about the "pawnshop thinking" of the domestic financial industry, which has already made thousands of financial colleagues unable to sit still. So the suspension of listing of Ants is probably due to Ma Yun’s unobstructed mouth.

If you have to use one word to describe Jack Ma, maybe before, I would choose entrepreneurs, but now, I think capitalists might do more suitable! Jack Ma's influence in China is very large. It is precisely because of such influence that Jack Ma should shoulder his own sense of responsibility. Return to the original aspiration and be a true entrepreneur. This kind of Jack Ma is everyone's favorite Ma Dad. What do you think about this? How would you evaluate Jack Ma?

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