Liu Qiangdong still lost! Pinduoduo, who relied on

Since the rise of e-commerce in China, more and more people have chosen to shop online. Of course, the rise of e-commerce has also had a significant impact on China’s real economy. It can be said that it is completely A fatal blow, but the reason why e-commerce can rise and become popular is entirely because it is in line with the development trend of social economy, and no one can stop it. Before the establishment of Pinduoduo, Alibaba and have been splitting up in China’s e-commerce sector for a long time. However, no one thought that Pinduoduo would be able to “smash" a blood path in front of the two giants to grow and rise rapidly. Eleven, the three major e-commerce giants are struggling to compete, so what is the result?

Pingduoduo, a fast-growing "poor man's money", has grown up

Accumulated from 0 to 600 million users Duoduo only took less than 6 years, and Pinduoduo’s advertising slogan has changed from "App used by 300 million people" to "App used by 600 million people." This development speed can be said to be faster than the early development of Ali and JD. However, what does Pinduoduo rely on? In fact, simplicity is cheap. Pinduoduo's expansion road can be said to be a bit of a strategy of "rural surrounding cities"!

Pinduoduo used large subsidies on the platform and then formed a scale. Through the continuous accumulation of scale, the procurement volume continued to break through new highs, thus obtaining the bargaining power, then put it on Ali The continued expansion of the secondary and tertiary markets that JD does not pay much attention to is actually capturing people’s psychology for the temptation of “low prices". It’s really not an exaggeration to say that Pinduoduo is based on “poor people’s money" for its rise.

But in fact, many people say that they have never used Pinduoduo, and even think that users of Pinduoduo are sticky strong>The performance is not high.In fact, you are wrong to think so. According to authoritative data, Pinduoduo’s user stickiness is gradually increasing. The average monthly active users of Pinduoduo App has exceeded 643 million, and even achieved. A quarterly increase of 74.6 million results, and according to Pinduoduo’s current CEO Chen Lei, there are already more and more branded merchants willing to settle in Pinduoduo.

Liu Qiangdong lost, and Pinduoduo became the biggest winner on Double Eleven

This year’s Double Eleven can be said to have passed, although more and more people feel that Double Ten One has lost the original taste, and there are more and more routines. Various reductions, subsidies, and prepayments have made everyone rack their brains and become "mathematicians" seeking the maximum value of the parabola. But this year’s double Alibaba’s turnover broke through 498.2 billion and hit a new high. Jingdong Double Eleven exceeded 271.5 billion. Pinduoduo is still in the “game" that did not participate in turnover as always, and there is a bit of fame and fame hidden in it.

 But we can see from another level who is the double ten One of the biggest winners, Pinduoduo’s share price can be said to have ushered in a big explosion after Double Eleven. The market value of Up to now is 181.189 billion U.S. dollars, and JD’s current market value is 143.197 billion U.S. dollars. Pinduoduo can be said to have surpassed JD. It became China's fourth largest Internet e-commerce company. For Liu Qiangdong, this time he lost to Pinduoduo.

Although Pinduoduo is currently ranked behind Ali, according to the development momentum of Pinduoduo, it is not impossible to become the leader of Chinese e-commerce. After all, when we all think it is impossible to appear with Ali While competing with’s e-commerce platform, Pinduoduo has risen suddenly. This time, Pinduoduo is undoubtedly the biggest winner and winner of Double Eleven this year. Do you expect Pinduoduo’s future development? You even said you hope Pinduoduo can Defeat Ali?

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