If you want to start a business, would you choose physical or Internet?

First of all, I feel that offline should be easier. For example, when I open a snack bar, the investment cost is not high. As long as I consider the surrounding environment and budget the basic flow of people, I can roughly estimate the profit and loss , So it seems easier to succeed offline. But you have overlooked the fact that online entrepreneurship may be very low-cost in the early stage.

Of course, the development of the Internet has entered a period of saturation. Many projects have to burn a lot of money for Internet entrepreneurship, but this does not mean that the initial capital cost of Internet entrepreneurship will be very large. Because the Internet has an inherent characteristic "network". Many things can be known to more people through the Internet, and the cost of information transmission on the Internet is very low.

So we can roughly conclude that the cost of starting an Internet business is much lower than offline. Since the cost is low, it means that the initial pressure is much lower. To give an extreme example, suppose you know Internet technology yourself, then the Internet entrepreneurship you do may be able to operate without investing much money. Because pre-Internet entrepreneurship generally requires two elements: labor cost and technology. You know the technology yourself, and the labor cost, you don’t need to hire people to work, you can do it yourself, so a person who understands Internet technology in the early stage is likely to have almost zero cost for starting a business. Faced with such advantages, can you still Tell me it's easier to start a business offline?

When you do a low-cost project, you will find that failure is nothing more than a waste of time. For example, you have done 10 Internet projects, and the first 9 failed. You didn't waste much money, you just wasted time, but you succeeded in the last one. Therefore, Internet entrepreneurship is actually a relatively low cost of trial and error. With this advantage, the success rate is naturally higher than offline. Because you can keep making mistakes, and there is almost no cost. This is the same thing as your second-generation rich who engages in offline projects. You can continue to make mistakes until the final success. In fact, it is the same reason, because the second-generation rich has lost money, but immediately has money to continue with the next project.

Of course, it’s harder to compare the above directly, but it’s not very scientific, because there are too many types of entrepreneurship. There are too many projects, but one thing is undeniable that offline entrepreneurship will inevitably face investment, but Internet entrepreneurship may not be invested or invested very little, especially for people who understand Internet technology. So if you are still wandering between Internet entrepreneurship and entity entrepreneurship, I suggest you embark on the path of Internet entrepreneurship. For young friends who have never started a business, if you want to start a business, it is recommended to start with a low investment, and experience the joy and frustration of success and failure after doing your own work, and experience the gains and losses of dealing with various social relationships. The growth of young people is of great benefit.

Internet entrepreneurship, which seems to be a field with a low threshold but a high elimination rate. Because the Internet is more abstract and people's hearts are more impetuous, not many people can really persist.

However, from the point of view of the production ratio, Internet entrepreneurship is far better than entities. It can truly achieve the effect of small gains and four doubles. Therefore, people who have created a business, especially those who have created a business , I would prefer the Internet when I choose to start a business again

Since the Internet is the first choice after the entity, why not choose it in the first place? It is very simple, because after experiencing the hardships of the entity, you will cherish the Internet more. After the experience, the hearts of the people will be more stable. If you no longer give up lightly, the probability of success is naturally much higher.

You can list the latest data released by Orange IT in 2020. The probability of a successful entity entrepreneurship is 0.2%; and the probability of successful Internet entrepreneurship is 5%. The criterion for successful entrepreneurship is that the company will not fail for 3 years. With a set of data, you can see how many times the probability of successful Internet entrepreneurship is that of the entity.

This is why the restaurant at the entrance of your community has been changed and changed again. There are always fools who will be the pickers, always thinking that they can turn this around, but in the current environment, everything and trends The opposite thing is very difficult to succeed, why do you say that you should follow the trend?

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When no one supports you, people around you, or policies do not support you , What else do you need? So, let’s keep up with the current trend and keep up with the tuyere industry. It seems that everyone is chasing the latest tuyere, but how many are they really doing?

If a project is played in the whole country If there are no more than 50 companies, then your entry is definitely a blue ocean. Don’t say that everyone is doing it. If you go in, you will not be able to get oil and water. You need to specifically investigate the market potential and competition before entering.

Like the current Internet, if you don’t play Douyin or Zhihu don’t engage in Xiaohongshu, you tell me what young people rely on to stand up, and what to rely on to surpass those previous waves, is it a traditional industry? wake up!

The Internet mainstream, even the predecessors of traditional industries have entered the game, although the world says that many traditional industries do not Know how to work, but the real big company definitely enters the market as soon as you are sure. Now you can regret it if you start a business without playing the Internet!

Whether it is physical or Internet entrepreneurship, it mainly depends on your own expertise and resources. If entrepreneurs have been working in physical entities for a long time and the industry has accumulated a lot, then the physical store must be the first choice. If the entrepreneur himself is of Internet origin , Familiar with technology, products and operations, then might as well dig deeper into the Internet field and develop your own fertile ground.

No matter which choice entrepreneurs make, they must be aware that the Internet is the general trend. Even if they are engaged in the business of physical stores, they must embrace the Internet appropriately and allow the Internet to empower their business.

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