, which is hitting online and offline, is entering a period of rapid growth

Recently, announced that it will use 1 billion yuan of its own funds to issue bonds to the company 18Suning01,18Suning02,18Suning03,18Suning04,18Suning05,18Suning06,18Suning 07 Repurchase. Behind the large-scale repurchase is the performance of the company's stable operation and abundant cash flow.

The latest financial report shows that in the third quarter of this year, achieved a net profit of 714 million yuan attributable to its parent. From January to September, achieved a sales scale of 293.741 billion yuan, of which the scale of open platform commodity transactions increased by 56.83% year-on-year. In the first three quarters, a total of 2,432 Suning Tesco retail cloud franchised stores were opened, achieving a year-on-year increase of 77.5% in sales.

Looking at Suning’s ecological layout in the past year, to a certain extent, from the online outlet to the offline sinking, Suning’s multi-level layout has actually just begun to show its due Style.


From the perspective of revenue structure,’s revenue sources are gradually showing home appliance 3C The trend to keep pace with FMCG.

According to data from the 2020 semi-annual report,'s revenue from daily necessities in the first half of the year has reached 25.09%, becoming the largest source of revenue.

During Double Eleven, Suning Carrefour stores served over 10 million users, and orders for online home services increased by 420% year-on-year. The timely fulfillment rate is 99% within one hour, and the fastest delivery time is only 9 minutes.

Carrefour's one-hour contract fulfillment rate was 99%. This year, Carrefour Harbin Pingfang Store delivered the fastest order, which took only 9 minutes. Compared with the daily, the customer unit price of Double Eleven has also increased by 15%.

With Carrefour as the center and Suning stores as the radius, Suning’s large fast-moving consumer business is continuing Expand Suning's revenue space.


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In addition to the fast-moving department stores that reach users with high frequency, the live e-commerce on the outlet, Suning The layout is also prosperous.

In June, Suning announced a cooperation with Douyin. Suning will give full play to its supply chain advantages to provide goods and high-quality services for Douyin live studios, and Douyin will provide traffic resource support for

In the just past Double Eleven, created 2 super show live broadcasts, 13 super buyer live broadcasts, more than 200 live broadcasts of IP giants, 2000 A live pyramid consisting of multiple theme live broadcasts, more than 3,000 brand live broadcasts, and more than 50,000 “store broadcasts" and “village broadcasts".

According to the Suning Tesco report, from October 29th to November 11th, the total GMV of super buyers in the live broadcast room exceeded 8 The total number of orders has increased by 7 times. This innovative "live store broadcast" e-commerce live broadcast model has also been praised by CCTV.

Obviously, Suning already has a complete layout in the live broadcast e-commerce market. The next Suning will rely on the plan to cultivate 50,000 part-time broadcasters and 20 million brand vendors within three years. Deepen online penetration.


As an enterprise that has crossed the 30-year cycle, whether it is young on live broadcast or Taking advantage of the trend in FMCG, it is not difficult to see that Suning has been a "friend of time".

In the sinking market, the recent e-commerce "soldier battlefield", also used retail cloud as the vanguard to break into the sinking market, with its GMV exceeding 2.8 billion in June. On the day of Double Eleven, the sales data increased by 150% year-on-year.

Perhaps under the bombing of Pinduoduo, Taobao, and, Suning "transformed" into a retail service provider to empower small businesses. The optimal solution for the sinking market.

Acquired Wanda Department Store and Carrefour China to use fast-moving consumer goods to increase the revenue ceiling; endogenously accelerate online live broadcast and retail cloud market sinking to accelerate market share. At this stage, has entered a benign development stage with rapid performance growth.

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