Secretary Lin Xiang of Shenzhen Science and Technology Association visited New Retail Association and Bolton Group

On the afternoon of November 17, Secretary Lin Xiang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Association for Science and Technology) visited the Shenzhen New Retail Industry Interconnection Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association). The competent unit not only guides the association to set an example in government and enterprise communication, member enterprise services, industry segmentation training, new retail and industrial interconnection industry standards, etc., but also requires the association to help small and medium-sized enterprises in financing, brand , Marketing, planning, online e-commerce and offline new retail channel establishment, and enterprise operation management to provide a full range of services for member companies.

Before leaving the association, Secretary Lin asked the relevant persons in charge of the association that if the association wants to develop, the only way out is to "do". "Do a good job" for member companies, "do" publicity work for the bridge between the government and enterprises, and set an example for industry associations and societies.

Subsequently, the Secretary of Association for Science and Technology, accompanied by the relevant person in charge of the association, went to Boton Group Co., Ltd., Chaguang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Investigation and research. The chairman of Bolton Group, Wang Mingfan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Chai Likun, assistant to the group president and head of Bolton Institute of Industrial Technology, Qiang Yaofeng, general manager of Shenzhen Bolton Perfume Co., Ltd., and members of the R&D team accompanied the participants.

Chairman Wang Mingfan introduced the overall development of Bolton Group and the group’s strategic layout in R&D and innovation. Assistant President Chai Likun Xiang Linxiang The secretary and his party focused on the various preparatory work of the Bolton Institute of Industrial Technology. In the future, the Bolton Institute of Industrial Technology will further lay a solid foundation for innovating school-enterprise education models, promoting scientific and technological research and technology transformation, and driving innovation and development. The research results are effectively transformed into productivity, helping more high-tech products to enter the domestic and foreign markets.

Secretary Lin Xiang affirmed Bolton Group’s 30-year development achievements and expressed appreciation for Bolton’s innovation-driven development strategy At the same time, he was deeply influenced by the entrepreneurial spirit and patriotism of Chairman Wang Mingfan. He mentioned that Chairman Wang Mingfan has made a lot of contributions to charity and public welfare, and insisted on the concept of taking from the society and feeding back to the society, which is for the sustainable development and foundation of the company. Evergreen lays a solid foundation.

Boton Group (abbreviated as Boton Group) was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is an international group company with diversified development of medicine, bioengineering and electronic consumer products as the main business of consumer, edible, and daily-use fragrances. The group now has a national high-tech enterprise in China's flavors and fragrances industry, and the first listed company in the domestic flavors and fragrances industry. Its "Bodun" brand won the honor of "Shenzhen Time-honored" in 2017. In the future, the Burton Group will continue to develop national fragrances and flavors. Industry is our responsibility, focusing on inheriting the Chinese fragrance culture, and building the Chinese dream together; based on the domestic, facing the world, we are committed to becoming a world-class fragrance and fragrance group with "innovative leadership, scientific management, excellent performance, and orderly control".

Chairman Wang Mingfan (honorary chairman of the association) also stated that the Nanshan branch of the association will be established in the Bolton Building. Bolton Group will also build its own product brand in the future, and will also deploy new retail and online e-commerce sales areas. The dual-product unicorn committee cooperates strongly to create its own unicorn brand in the flavor and fragrance industry, plug in the wings of the Internet, and sell it all over the world.

Shenzhen City New Retail Industry Interconnection Association is committed to leading China’s top new retail projects and trading teams, through the diversion of mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba,, Vipshop, and Pinduoduo, combined with such as Taobao live broadcast, shaking Audio, Kuaishou, Tencent Live and other live e-commerce companies, plus content e-commerce, social e-commerce, vertical e-commerce channels, and Internet celebrity live broadcast resources, lead the most powerful IP content output team to create China’s county economy and urban IP , Bring the good products, beautiful mountains, beautiful rivers and beautiful scenery of the Mainland to consumers in domestic first-tier and second-tier cities, and even go abroad! Bring good products and good services from first-tier and second-tier cities to all third, fourth, and even fifth-tier cities in the Mainland !

Our goal is to build the most important platform for China’s new retail industry! Shenzhen New Retail Industry Interconnection Association will assume such a responsibility and mission.

Shenzhen New Retail Industry Interconnection Association Dual Unicorn Special Committee-adding the wings of the Internet to the county landmark industry.

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Leading the incubation of regional public brands and creating county listed companies.

The association’s vision: A person’s hometown creates a well-known brand and an industrial listed company for each county.

Service system:1, platform services, Free: take regional integration opportunities; 2. Incubation services, cheap: take advantage of public brand opportunities; 3. Investment services, high-end: create top-level opportunities in the industry; 4. Smart tourism, frontier: digital agriculture, tourism and cultural tourism.

< p style="text-align: justif y">Value positioning: Short-term value—brand incubation & category strategy services; mid-term value—Internet brand equity investment capital value begins to show; long-term value—the future value of landmarks to help 1 million farmers get rid of poverty and become rich.

Solutions: 1. Landmark industry big data system (BI); 2. Top 10 e-commerce platforms/small programs/apps; 3. 100 industrial internet celebrities/communities; 4. 100,000 unmanned retail outlets (three rural smart services); 51 million new farmers successfully incubated; 6.100 billion five-year sales target; 71 million Distribution of Taixin retail terminals.

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