21 cities and prefectures PK competition, 10 cities duel: Who is the


"The lake is always clear and the air is full of tranquility." Maybe I shouldn’t ask, our Where is the e-commerce live broadcast team?

Let your peace of mind ripple again, "2020 Chuanhuo e-commerce energy-saving e-commerce anchor, city..." The PK contest roared, but the love for "Chuanhuo" went beyond Boundaries.

Let me take you "Pixian Douban, Mianyang Rice Noodle, Zizhong Peanut Crisp, Meishan Pickles, Wuliangye, Dongpo pork shoulder, Dengying beef, Mengding mountain tea, Tongjiang white fungus, Linjiangsi watercress, Panzhihua mango, yak beef, Jinchuan pear..."Pick it off from my heart, p>

Try to combine "Mianyang Jiangyou Fatty Intestines, Deyang Luojiang Peanuts, Nanchong Chuanbei Jelly, Yibin Morning Tea, Luzhou Langjiu, Leshan Qiaojiao Beef, Dazhou Quxian Daylily..."Slowly dissolve,

Look at me "Neijiang Fig, Suining 524 Sweet Potato" in the Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng District is still perfect in your heart and whether it is still me" Mu Xiao Ma'er, Jia Rong sister A Juan, Zen Zi sister and younger brother, Pomegranate sister He Shuang, inspirational merchant Yang Tiancai..."Sisi worry!

The 2020 Sichuan Goods E-commerce Festival "E-commerce Live Broadcast" competition aims to gather people, gather goods, build an ecology, precipitate a new e-commerce supply chain, and form a Sichuan “cargo-carrying army" to bring goods People "Xinchuan Army".

Buy! buy! buy!

Which one of the 21 "states" in Sichuan has the highest turnover and which Sichuan products sell best? This year's Sichuan Commodity E-commerce Festival, 21 cities and prefectures will start a PK match, 10 cities will compete for the gorgeous crown of "highest record".

Therefore, a group was established in 21 cities and "prefectures", and they all expressed that they would take out the most qualified local Sichuan products to participate in this competition.

The "group leader" Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce hopes for landmark products such as Qingchuan fungus and Yibin bud dishes, as well as intangible heritage products such as Nanchong preserved eggs and Qingshen bamboo weaving. Products, Baoning vinegar, Lai glutinous rice balls and other time-honored goodies... Plug in the wings of a direct attack on the "cloud", and also enable innovative products such as XGIMI Technology and Gu Xiaojiu to accelerate the opening of the "net celebrity economy" sales channel, and hope to export Mature, literate and professional vertical industry e-commerce anchors bring goods to their hometown.

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Registration for the "2020 Sichuan Goods E-commerce E-commerce Live Streaming PK Competition" officially started on November 3, and the event will continue until Ends on December 25. The registration phase is currently underway. The next thing to be done is the pk session, and the results of the game will be announced before December 30.

Participants and institutions of this pk contest will be given priority to sign contracts and attention, and obtain opportunities for continuous incubation, training, packaging, traffic support, key recommendations, window display, shared live broadcast, live study tour, and alliance employment. Departments, companies, anchors, etc. will be commended by the official department, and certificates will be issued. Look at the awards:

"Quality Sichuan Goods·Sales Master, Quality Sichuan Goods·National Tide Brand (Time-honored), Quality Sichuan Goods·New Brand, Quality Sichuan Goods·Sales Master, Quality Sichuan Goods· Poverty alleviation experts, quality Sichuan goods·Internet celebrity check-in locations, quality Sichuan goods·promotion agencies, quality Sichuan goods·live broadcast base"...

Follow-up event

Game time: November 10th-December 25th, 2020

Content:< /strong>The host independently selects the merchandise for sale from the solicited merchandise pool to participate in this competition.

Live broadcast platforms:Taobao Live, Kuaishou, Pinduoduo, Jingdong, etc.

Commodity pool aggregation platforms:Tmall, Taobao , Pinduoduo, Jingdong, etc.

"I want to have everything you have

I shouldn’t ask"... Let’s fight

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In the fiery "2020 Sichuan Goods E-commerce Festival", the 21 cities and prefectures in Sichuan have worked hard to produce a more eye-catching report card!

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