More than a hundred bad reviews! Another express delivery also had thunderstorms in many locations, and the backlog of 10,000 packages was stinking

More than a hundred bad reviews! Another express delivery also had thunderstorms in many outlets, and the backlog of 10,000 packages was stinking!

It's been a week since Double 11, is there any friend who hasn't received it? The author's express delivery has no news anyway, and I am planning to return it. Today we are going to talk about express delivery companies. I have to say that nowadays, due to the popularity of e-commerce, express delivery has also developed very fast on this "thigh". There are so many express delivery companies that it is difficult for us to choose, but I want to remind you here Dear readers, please don't choose the following two express companies, because they are really "difficult brothers" in the express industry.

One of them is Best Express. I believe everyone knows how bad Best Express is. There are frequent thunderstorms in outlets and employee violence. Picking, receiving and dispatching are extremely slow, complaints are not handled, and so on. As a result, Best Express has won the title of the worst courier company by virtue of these "honors". It has lost nearly 15 billion in the past 7 years, and it is really a wonderful work in the express industry. At the same time, it also has a "difficult brother", and its illness is no less than that of the world, and it is also badly criticized.

This "difficult brother" is Yunda Express. Speaking of Yunda, what did you think of first? Is it reminded of the story of its founder and Shentong, or the vicious wounding incident of Yunda courier at the beginning of this year, or the backlog of 10,000 packages that happened some time ago? It's okay, we talked slowly one by one. The founder of Yunda is named Nie Tengyun. Yes, he is the brother of Nie Tengfei, the late chairman of Shentong. In 1993, the two brothers and another partner, Zhan Jisheng, founded Shengtong, the predecessor of Shentong Express. The following year, Zhan Jisheng flew solo. Created Tiantian Express. Nie Tengfei passed away unexpectedly in 1998, but the chairman of the company did not fall to Nie Tengyun's head. Instead, Nie Tengfei's wife's brother was elected. In the end, Nie Tengyun ran away in anger and became the current Yunda.

The early development of Yunda was not smooth. At that time, the big brother Shentong had been pressing, and the express industry did not look like it is now. Popular, but fortunately, it has survived and has become the right-hand man of Ali's e-commerce express chain. In 2017, Yunda shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, but they fell by 5.46% at the close of the day. In recent years, Yunda, backed by Ali, has also been regarded as "competitive". In the last four years, Yunda's business volume has grown the fastest among all express companies, but the ensuing price war has made Yunda a little weaker.

Recently, the price war in the express delivery industry has been very "lively". Major companies are trying to reduce unit prices to gain market share. The consequences of this vicious competitive price war are also very painful, not only for couriers, but also for major companies. Yunda is one of the biggest victims. Problems such as express delivery strikes, thunderstorms in multiple locations, unmanned parcel delivery, etc. followed one after another, accompanied by a large loss of Yunda. Obviously, compared with the thriving SF Express, its skills are not as good as humans. Yunda was "completely lost" in this match.

This year, on Double 11, Yunda was inexplicably on the hot search again. The reason is that Yunda’s customer service urged everyone not to use Yunda Express. The crowd of people who eat melons were puzzled and bluntly said that the customer service was openly "against the water". In fact, Yunda also has a hard time. The reason is that Yunda’s management is too strict, and it is fine at every turn. However, due to the impact of price wars, it also compresses the source of income for couriers. As a result, Yunda has experienced a situation of stinking, unmanned delivery of 10,000 parcels at a site in Jinan this year, and 17 days of express delivery on Double 11 this year.

There is no doubt that the express industry has also begun to move closer to the head like other industries, but I don’t know if Yunda can still Can't survive this "wave"!

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