Ningbo Aura Semiconductor Co., Ltd. successfully developed a non-magnetic sensor chip for smart water meters

Recently, Ningbo Aura Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced that it has successfully developed the first domestic non-magnetic sensor chip AU2001 for smart water meters. This chip can solve many problems in the current industry application process, such as: high power consumption, resistance Problems such as weak interference capability, low integration, and low measurement accuracy.

The application of non-magnetic sensors in our lives is also quite extensive. For example, today’s smart tap water meters automatically collect water data Send back to the remote server. The measurement methods of smart water meters include photoelectric and ultrasonic detection, but there are problems such as poor anti-interference ability, poor reliability, and low performance. The non-magnetic metering water meter (equipped with a non-magnetic sensor chip) has the advantages of non-magnetic, no human interference, and easy installation with existing mechanical base meters.

This is a chip specially designed for smart water meters. It has many advantages such as long working distance, large working range, low power consumption, high measurement, strong anti-interference ability, and high integration.

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