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Is the cooperation reliable? Is the boss credible? What is the relationship between the parties? Nowadays, when encountering these problems in business, the first reaction of many people is to "look at the sky." In fact, as early as six or seven years ago, the business query field was still blank. Information imbalance has become an obstacle to the development of many industries. However, this has also become a strong driving force for the rapid rise of business query platforms represented by Tianyancha. A few days ago, Tianyancha announced that its cumulative users exceeded 300 million, marking it has become another national-level tool.

According to our understanding, Tianyancha is based on public information and relying on its unique core big data processing capabilities to serve professionals and business operators. , Government agencies, enterprises and institutions, provide advanced business query tools, users can easily understand complex business relationships through the visualization tools provided by the platform. At present, Tianyancha has collected the information of over 220 million social entities across the country, and completed the central bank’s corporate credit filing in April 2019, becoming the first company in this field to obtain this qualification, and the number of users in its ecology nationwide has exceeded The achievement of 300 million has further consolidated its long-term stable position as the number one in the industry. At the same time, Wu Gang, a well-known actor who once played the role of "Secretary of Dakang", also joined hands with Tianyancha as his endorsement again, making Tianyancha's brand favorability and trustworthiness more cohesive.

After years of intensive cultivation, Tianyan Check has long become the industry’s first choice and synonymous, and "business inquiries, look at the sky" has become the field of commercial inquiry. Super symbol. Professionals in investment, finance, law and other industries have long regarded Tianyancha as an indispensable daily work partner, because they use Tianyancha to query the target company’s business information, shareholder information, financial risks, performance capabilities, and corporate executive capital map , Equity penetration and other information can greatly improve the efficiency of business activities, while also reducing industry risks. In daily life, Tianyan Check has gradually become a common tool for ordinary people. Whether applying for a job or defending rights in litigation, people will first use Tianyancha to collect all kinds of information and evidence. Even in scenarios such as financial management, investment, and educational products, experienced people will check the Sky Eye Check before proceeding. Therefore, Tianyancha is also known as the "inclusive shallow due diligence tool" and has become an extremely important part of the process of constructing the "new integrity infrastructure" of China's business.

Since the beginning of this year, focusing on my country’s development stage, environment and changes in conditions, policymakers have pointed out: “We must promote the formation of a new development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles. "At the same time, the state vigorously advocates and encourages the development of a new individual economy. Under this new situation, Tianyancha, based on its own business advantages, continues to innovate to meet the needs of the society for business inquiries, so as to boost the innovation and creativity of various entities. The service scene boundary of Tianyancha is also expanding in this process, and the scale of users is increasing rapidly. For example, content creators on various platforms have already regarded Tianyancha as verifying corporate information, looking for information clues, and improving content quality and credibility. In the live broadcast e-commerce industry, which has experienced explosive growth this year, a large number of live broadcasters are invariably looking for stable and reliable suppliers on Tianyan Check to improve their own supply chain when they are facing difficulties in product selection...

In recent years, the concept of "checking the company, checking the boss, checking the relationship" advocated by Tianyancha has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Dr. Liu Chao, the founder and chairman of Tianyancha, once stated that the mission of Tianyancha is to "let everyone see the world fairly." By breaking the gap in the business world of information asymmetry, the "commercial inquiry" industry developed by Tianyancha allows everyone and companies to participate in the benign social interaction more equitably, and the Tianyancha ecosystem has accumulated more than 300 million users. The use of is bringing this ideal closer to reality.

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