The moving of this scene comes from Meibo Technology-Meibo 18K

This scene at the learning venue was so moving. Meibo’s 18K three-day and two-night "Rookie Anchor Private Customized Training Course" was lectured by Ms. Qin Shiyuan, chief mentor and consultant of Meibo Business School. Under the guidance of Teacher Tan, many people have changed their destiny. The venue was full of rewards for every student, and the dry goods were never stopped. The students were very moved, but there was also an unexpected touch.

Teacher Qin Shiyuan has been in the field of live broadcasting for 14 years. She not only led thousands of people in Internet marketing to realize their dreams, but also led thousands of people for eight years The team became the champion, and she was also the supreme queen of the Asian sales goddess Xu Hening. This private customized training class for rookie anchors is her years of live broadcast mentality integrated into practice, and will teach you live broadcast. With such a heavyweight, students are naturally spread all over the country. Do you want to link with such a tutor? There is a big coffee linking with Teacher Tan.

Who is this celebrity? What does it have to do with Meibo 18K? He is directly under the Ministry of Culture: Expert Advisor of China Cultural Information Association , Lifetime Honorary Chairman and Secretary-General of the World Federation of Industrialists and Artists, Director and Chief Planner of the World Industrialists and Artists Research and Development Center, and contemporary capable calligrapher-Mr. Weng Chenggang. Mr. Weng is also a loyal fan of Teacher Tan. He wrote an inscription for Teacher Tan and Meibo in the training meeting. It can be seen that the charm of Meibo is so great?

At that moment, the students under the stage had the honor to witness the demeanor of contemporary calligraphers, and now you too Witnessing, it was an unexpected touch, it was the recognition of teacher Tan Shiyuan by the calligrapher Weng and the recognition of Meibo 18K. Meibo 18K is getting stronger and stronger, so many big names come here. Meibo’s 18K super-powerful advantages, please enjoy a product:

1. Central live broadcast and broadcast functions, allowing you to realize one-person live broadcast of 10,000 people Rebroadcast, not live broadcast will not affect the development of your live broadcast field.

2. Your corporate video, QR code, collection code, WeChat ID, phone number, PPT graphic content, etc. can be implanted in the live broadcast room.

3. One mobile phone live broadcast can realize simultaneous live broadcast on multiple platforms to share multiple platforms to push streaming.

4. Multi-camera multi-angle live broadcast, stereoscopic visual effect. Let your live footage, live events are no longer single.

5. The online editing of live video is quick and easy, and your live video unlimited playback experience is more thorough.

6. High degree of openness of function authority, PC background custom modification.

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7. Hot recruitment of exclusive agents

These functions are just the tip of the iceberg of Meibo’s 18K live broadcast platform. As the first live broadcast company in Guangxi, it naturally has its special features. It is recognized by the goddess Tan Shiyuan, the founder of Chinese language energetics, Mo Ruitong, and the contemporary Chinese calligrapher Weng Chenggang... etc. Many big coffees have recognized it. What are you waiting for? For commercial live broadcasts, use Meibo 18k. Meibo 18K live broadcast company believes that you are the best choice.