incredible! You can find street lights after rubbing the network and charging

It is said that the biggest panic of modern people is not that there is no money in their pockets, but that the battery of their mobile phones is insufficient. What should I do if half of my mobile phones are dead? In the future, in Lanzhou, street lights can help you. Smart street lights are not only beautiful in shape, but also integrate multiple functions such as light control, LED screen display, public WiFi, and smart alarms. Through "multiple poles in one", smart street lights not only make the road more tidy, but also become a city A beautiful landscape.

Today's Tianping Street, a new street lamp is integrated with the surrounding environment. In the future, the Lanzhou Smart Street Light Project plans to replace the existing ordinary street lights in the main urban area with smart street lights, the total number is about 30,000. The existing "Chinese lights" on the main roads are mainly renovated, and the street lights on the secondary roads and small streets are replaced with simple and modern smart street lights, and the original street lights after the replacement are adjusted for use.

This time Lanzhou Daily News Group Co., Ltd. and Lanzhou Renew Urban Construction and Development Co., Ltd. cooperated on a new infrastructure media operation project, which is also Lanzhou Daily’s cross-field and cross-industry cooperation to build a new ecology of smart financial media Active exploration. In the project cooperation, Lanzhou Renewal City Construction Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for the hardware construction and technical maintenance of the new infrastructure media operation project, and Lanzhou Daily News Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for media management and content creation. Cross-industry integration will give full play to political advantages, publicity advantages, service advantages, and brand advantages, and jointly explore a new model for the integration and development of new infrastructure and new media.

One shot, multiple functions

Smart street lights bring together mobile communications, environmental awareness, and wisdom Advertising screens, video surveillance, emergency help, information release, public WiFi, new energy vehicle charging, public facilities management and other functions, and with the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence technology as the core, it provides intelligent management of the daily operation of smart light poles And smart applications, such as smart operation and maintenance, abnormal crowd perception, emergency management, etc. In the future, it will greatly reduce the installation of complicated long poles next to roads or road junctions, occupying urban space, and perfect realization of "wisdom common poles".

Smart IoT

The back-end management system is based on the smart lighting function. After the project is completed, it is planned to establish a project team with operators such as China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom for cooperative operation. Preliminary consideration of direct leasing of 5G micro base stations, joint operation of other functions such as light pole broadcasting, advertising, etc., and use of government purchase services for the later added functions such as environmental monitoring, smart transportation, smart city management, smart municipal administration, and smart disaster prevention .

Construction status

In October 2021, 4 main roads, including Qingyang Road, Zhongshan Road, Jiuquan Road, and Nanchang Road, will be completed, with 258 lights Intelligent transformation of poles; in October 2023, the remaining street lights in the main urban area will be transformed. At present, 36 “smart street lights" demonstration poles and all mounting equipment on Hezheng Road have been installed. Jiuquan Road, Qingyang Road, Zhongshan Road, Nanchang Road and other 4 main road smart street light projects have been filed and will be launched soon.

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