Korea Express strikes! Unpaid classified parcels caused 7 people to die from overwork and affect Mid-Autumn Festival

▲Seoul ExpressPeople are sorting and sorting packages. (Photo/Dazhi Image)

Luo Yisheng/Compilation

South Korea is affected by the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic. The epidemic prevention authorities recommend that the public is Mid-Autumn Festival (추석, It’s called Autumn Eve in Korean.) Even vacations minimize unnecessary travel plans and cancel the trip to visit relatives in their hometowns. People switch to buying gift boxes and items, and send them to their parents and relatives far away from home, which in turn increases the work of couriers. The couriers were forced to work overtime, unpaid sorting express items and died of overwork.

According to Korean media, the Korean Express Labor Association (Union) (17) held the "Express Labor Force Overwork Countermeasures Committee" in the conference room of the National Democratic Labor Association in Seoul City on the 17th to express relevant positions. , Said that he had previously advised senior executives to supplement manpower for the classification of express items, but was repeatedly rejected. In the future, he will fully refuse to engage in unpaid classification operations.

There are 50,000 people engaged in express delivery business in South Korea. The "Express Labor Overwork Countermeasures Committee" voted on 4358 express drivers across the country. Up to 4160 (95.5%) agreed from the 21st Started a strike and stopped the sorting business of express items. The employee came from the post office, Lotte Express, Hanjin Express, and CJ Korea Express. It is estimated that the delivery schedule before the Mid-Autumn Festival in South Korea will be delayed.

The committee stated that more than half of the working hours were required by superiors to engage in the sorted express delivery business. The salary and treatment were extremely unreasonable. It was often late in the morning when they returned home, and they had to get up at 5 in the morning and go out to work. , The rest time is not guaranteed, and after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the express delivery business volume has surged, resulting in at least 7 tragedies of overwork and death.

Jim Jae-ha (김재하, transliteration), chairman of the General Union of Democratic Labor Union, said that three of the workers who died of overwork were in their early 30s, showing the tragic reality of the express delivery industry. The request made by the union was not accepted and will be further invested in group action.

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