Many people like to compare Bangalore and Shenzhen. How big is the gap between the two?

Nowadays society cannot do without technology

The era has developed to the point where it is today. It can be said that almost everyone cannot do without technology products, because technology is really This greatly facilitates many people's life and work. Without technology, it is difficult for us to imagine what life would be like. For example, if there is no Internet technology to communicate across thousands of miles, then many people's work, study and life will certainly not be able to effectively develop. I believe everyone has a deep feeling in the past few years. The food delivery industry and online shopping seem to have penetrated deeply into our lives. These are all the conveniences that science and technology bring to everyone.

Silicon Valley, a high-tech industrial zone

So at some point, the country The strength competition with the country will also be in the high-tech industry. For example, for a long time, many people in the world like to compare China and India. In addition to military and economic fields, there is another high-tech industry field. But everyone should also know that Silicon Valley is the most well-known high-tech industrial zone in the world. It is home to countless elites and rich technology men in the world, and it is also a dream place for many computer students.

India’s "Silicon Valley" Bangalore

So be a certain seat in a country When cities want to develop high-tech industries, they are basically labeled "Silicon Valley". For example, Bangalore, India's "Silicon Valley", so far, this large city with a population of more than 10 million has always been the pride of India. You may not know that Bill Gates, a world-renowned figure, still praises Bangalore, because in his opinion, this city in India is likely to surpass the United States in the future and become the world's software power. Bangalore, which can make Indians proud, has its own unique advantages because more than 35 percent of Indian IT elites gather here, and they bring considerable GDP to India every year.

Shenzhen, China vs. Bangalore, India

Of course, Bangalore has also settled a lot A world-renowned high-tech company. The reason why many people like to compare Bangalore with Shenzhen, China is not only because Shenzhen is our "Silicon Valley of China", but also because China and India are also big countries in developing countries. But are the two comparable? Ten years ago the answer was yes. Everyone may not know this well. The total GDP that Shenzhen was able to generate ten years ago was 30 billion more than that of Bangalore. Although the terms of economic gains did not have much meaning at the time, the difference in the strength of the two sides in high-tech was not particularly large.

Ten years later, the gap between the two can not only be measured by economic benefits

But today, ten years later, Shenzhen has a total GDP of 400 billion, while India’s Bangalore has only 100 billion. The gap between the two can be measured not only by economic gains, but also by technological progress. Measured by the degree and technological strength. As for what Bill Gates said before, the authenticity of India will become the world's software power is now beyond consideration. But we know that if India does not hurry up, it will be pushed further and further by other countries. So friends, what do you think about this?

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