Job Gang was invited to participate in the 2020 Davos Innovation Pioneer Forum

Recently, the offline meeting of the World Economic Forum Innovation Pioneer Forum was held in Beijing. The theme of this conference is "New Leading Enterprise in the Era of'Great Restructuring'". As the only invited company in China’s education industry, Su Jing, CEO of Job Help, attended the meeting to gather with business leaders of China’s new leading companies to exchange their innovative experiences in digital business models and share "New Supply of Digital Education-Job Help" Exploring and Solutions".

The World Economic Forum, also known as the "Davos Forum", is one of the most unofficial international economic forums. Its pioneering Pioneers of Change Summit-Innovation Pioneer Forum aims to gather innovative leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world to showcase their transformative solutions in their respective fields, in the forum’s diverse political, business, and academic communities Inspire inspiration about change.

Industry-leading complete digital education solutions

Su Jing said that in the post-epidemic era, the advantages of online education are obvious, and more and more parents are willing Let children enjoy this form of online education. At the same time, with the continuous exploration of new technologies such as big data and AI, traditional learning methods have been innovated, and the learning effect has been significantly improved.

As a leading company in the online education industry with the strongest technological strength, the largest user scale, and the deepest data accumulation, Homework has the most advanced digital education solutions in the industry, covering everything from online learning tools to live lessons, from The whole scene of digital education from teaching, research and teaching counseling to technical data-driven.

The homework assistant’s AI Q&A (photo search for questions), AI corrections, adaptive exercises and other tool-based online teaching solutions have more than 100 million monthly active users, and firmly occupy more than 75% of the market share. The homework help live lesson solution has been leading the industry in key areas such as live broadcast stability, interactive incentives, and personalized teaching.

Empower schools, institutions, and teachers to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Currently, online education has become an important part of teaching activities in schools and educational institutions at home and abroad. the way. According to Su Jing, Homework Gang is actively exploring a complete set of solutions for opening up the company's digital education to empower schools, institutions and teachers to better engage in online teaching.

Different from ordinary online meeting software, the homework helper independently developed an online live broadcast system with functional modules that fit the teacher’s teaching habits and are easy to operate. Intelligent blackboard writing, two-way real-time interaction, virtual experiments, online interactive questions, praise Encouragement and other rich forms to facilitate classroom design. At the same time, students can use the live broadcast system to complete pre-class preview, classroom interaction, practice answering, course playback, and view personal academic reports.

The homework help online intelligent lesson preparation platform can deeply empower teachers to reduce burdens and increase efficiency. The platform system has core functions such as handout production, PPT production, test paper production, question bank system, and academic analysis. It can generate handouts, Courseware PPT, test paper preparation, homework assignment, etc.

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Teachers can follow the lesson through the lesson-following platform to learn about students' attendance, attendance, and answer in real time, and conduct classroom discipline control to truly restore offline teaching scenarios. The data generated in the above links can help teachers and parents understand the learning situation of each student, so as to improve the teaching effect one to one.

"Looking forward to the post-epidemic era, online, digital, and intelligent global education is in the ascendant. Homework Helper is willing to continue to be a leader in online education, a booster of school education, and an explorer of future education. Higher-quality development of global education." Su Jing said. (Hu Qian)

Source: Guangming Net

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