Cracked! WeChat new emoji on new

"Open the 6 soul emoticons below and guess what they mean. The standard answer is in your WeChat." On the evening of the 18th, a set of soul emoticons was launched on WeChat, and netizens quickly began to interpret them. Based on the wisdom of netizens, these 6 expressions are: Broken Broken, Bitter Hurt, Sigh Sigh, Let Me See LetMeSee, 666 Awesome, Rolling Eyes Boring. Currently, split seems to be the most popular.

As the new emoji became popular, netizens also found a bright spot , I'm afraid this "Let me see" emoticon was not painted according to Wu Age. "Let me see" is an expression of peeking with one finger, and it is too similar to the expression pack of "Five Brothers". The celebrities are also enthusiastic, and Bao Bell staged a live-action version. On the evening of the 18th, Su Youpeng responded to WeChat’s new emoji “Five Brothers" with a text: “Why I still don’t have one!" A group of netizens who didn’t have a new emoji complained online, “Why don’t I have one". In fact, there is no need to worry, according to the official WeChat response, "it will be there." Some netizens also said that after trying to update WeChat to version 7.0.20, a new emoji was arranged. Has your emoji library been updated? Come and fight the map.

For the meaning of these 6 expressions, netizens are crazy . For example, one day for stock traders: "open low, go high, close up at midday, I can't help but take a look at dinner, dive in the afternoon, close down sharply, and still bearish after the market..." Some netizens said: "It is simply A 6-piece set for the new era of tyrants: Doesn’t this correspond to the day of the tyrants: Go to the company hungry, ignorant; have breakfast, get back to mind; no one bothers me to finish the morning work quickly , Super happy; I was in a temporary meeting before work, and I sighed; after the meeting, I was given a lot of work, and my heart was bitter; I finally finished the work and found that the PPT to be handed in tomorrow had not been written yet. I stayed up all night and rushed to work and broke it!"

Of course, the most discussed expression among netizens is "crack". Many netizens said that "sigh", "bitterness", and "rolling eyes" will also become high-frequency expressions used by workers.

Intern Ding Ye, Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Zhang Nan

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