Tongxiang release丨A milestone move! Tongkun joins hands with Lenovo to establish Hengyun Zhilian

Industrial Internet, Internet of Things,

The combination of big data technology and manufacturing

has given birth to "industrial big data".

A few days ago,

Tongkun Group and Lenovo Group were formally established

Zhejiang Hengyun Zhilian Digital Technology Co., Ltd.,

"Intelligent change" is a key step to lead "qualitative change".

Walking into the spinning workshop of Zhejiang Hengsheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. of Tongkun Group, Chen Hanbin, the relevant person in charge of the intelligent manufacturing delivery factory, is busy with The staff carry out the factory data collection work.

"At present, we have completed 80% of the data collection work in the factory, and subsequent data will be uniformly entered and sourced and verified. After the platform is completed, you can see the real smart factory." The platform Chen Hanbin spoke of was the digital intelligence operation center built by Tongkun Group and Lenovo Group.

Hengyun Zhilian takes industrial technology services as the goal, and will give full play to Lenovo’s technical advantages and Tongkun’s industry advantages to create a digital intelligence operation platform , Through the application of 5G, cloud computing and other technologies, realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprise automation, digitization, intelligence, and integration, enhance the comprehensive core competitiveness of enterprises, and create industry benchmarks in the field of industrial technology services. The first phase of the project is expected to be delivered in March next year.

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"At present, the NC financial system, ERP, MES, various automation systems, production control systems, etc. that the group has put into use are independent of each other, and there is a phenomenon of "data islands". Tongkun Digital Intelligence Operation Center It can realize the storage and integration of all data, realize the whole industry chain visualization, production optimization, efficiency maximization, cost minimization and quality optimization." Xu Yanhui, general manager of Hengyun Zhilian, introduced that the data collected by the data intelligence operation platform is divided into IT, OT and external three types, through the use of intelligent computing, can further realize on-site real-time analysis, collaborative intelligent decision-making, and make the factory more intelligent.

Xu Yanhui made an analogy. Before a certain factory area determined the main product for the next quarter, the marketing service department needed to collect inventory, market, machine equipment and other data, and then based on the market experience of the previous few years Draw conclusions. With the digital intelligence operation platform, the system will automatically filter relevant data and use intelligent algorithms to arrive at the optimal solution, which greatly improves the work and production efficiency of the enterprise.

"In the future, Hengyun Zhilian will also provide construction and services in eight major directions, including data intelligence expertise, digital transformation and planning, intelligent innovation platform, intelligent manufacturing technology, and IT technology, to the majority of manufacturing enterprises. "Xu Yanhui said. This also means that "cloud" services will radiate more companies upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and provide a platform for the digitalization of enterprise industries, thereby building a smart industry ecosystem and forming an industrial system with sustainable high-quality development.

As the world leader in the polyester filament industry, as early as November last year, Tongkun Group and Lenovo Group took the lead in digital transformation The establishment of Hengyun Zhilian will also promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry into the "fast lane", and further create "new models, new business formats, and new kinetic energy."

The milestone of Tongkun Group is a microcosm of Tongxiang's vigorous development of the industrial Internet. As the permanent venue of the World Internet Conference, Tongxiang is based on traditional advantageous industries and leverages the Internet to create an industrial Internet innovation source, industrial Internet application demonstration site, and industrial Internet talent gathering place. Not long ago, the Tongkun Group Chemical Fiber Industry Industrial Internet Platform was listed in the first batch of provincial-level industrial Internet platforms. "Industry" and "Internet" are emerging in the land of Tongxiang.

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