150% screen-to-body ratio? Nokia N735G exposed, another Xiaomi MIXAlpha

Nowadays, when you talk about Nokia, most people may feel "backward, not mainstream", etc., but in fact, Nokia today is far ahead of our imagination. And just recently, the long-lived Nokia N73 5G mobile phone was finally exposed. When most people thought that this phone was an ordinary smart phone, the real machine renderings revealed on the Internet surprised everyone.

Judging from the real machine renderings that have been released so far, the new Nokia N73 5G is very advanced in appearance design, and it has not followed The mainstream design in the industry has adopted a more radical "surround screen" design. Almost the entire front of the fuselage is a screen, and even the screen has been connected to the back of the phone. The screen ratio alone has reached 150%. It can be said to be similar to the Xiaomi MIX Alpha released earlier.

In addition, we can also get some special information from the picture, such as the front camera, this Nokia N73 5G There are no traces of surface application, and no lens modules such as digging holes and bangs. The industry's more unified view is that the machine uses a brand-new under-screen camera solution, hiding the front lens below the screen. After all, as early as before, Nokia's under-screen camera technology has been exposed, so it is very possible that the new Nokia N73 5G will use an under-screen camera.

As for the core configuration, it is reported that this Nokia N73 5G is equipped with the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, but there is also news that the The phone will be equipped with a higher-performance Snapdragon 875 processor, so this also indicates that the Nokia N73 5G may be released as soon as next year. In addition, according to the leaked information, the Nokia N73 5G will be equipped with a separate 12GB large storage in the memory specification, and only one version is available.

In fact, it is not difficult to see that this Nokia N73 5G is obviously the same product route as the Xiaomi MIX Alpha, in order to reach the outside world Demonstrating the technology of its own products is not just a model for mass production. At present, the industry predicts that the price of Nokia N73 5G will reach more than 10,000 yuan. After all, this "surround screen" alone is very difficult to produce, just like Xiaomi MIX Alpha has not yet achieved mass production applications.

So, do you have any different opinions on this?

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